New Horse For Widow And Family

Some of you may remember the Koretsky family that lost their dad back late 2016. With the passing of their father, more than one thing has gone wrong for this family, and we’ve always tried to help. Just like when their washing machine broke, we got them a new one, this time their horse died.

In a village, a horse is the feeder of the family. You can plow your field, plant your seeds, and transport almost anything. The Koretsky horse got sick, and they had no choice but to put it down. But now they were left without the one thing that they could depend on to survive. Pastor Andrey, who has been keeping in touch with Nadya, said they were able to collect some support from his church in the nearby city. The new horse and carriage would cost $700, but they only had $400, so we helped with the rest. Thank God for the opportunity we have to help and for all of our supporters.
With the help of someone who knew a bit about horses, and the their transport, they were able to purchase the horse and carriage and deliver them to the Koretsky family. Please continue to keep this family in your prayers.

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