Summer 2021

Plans for this summer are a little different. Our local partners in Khabarovsk have some prayer requests. They changed the schedule for this years village ministry back by about a month. They did this because a missionary family that is willing to help them with the program is going back to the US later in the summer, therefore this is the only time they can help. The summer ministry is planned to start around June 21.

Changing the schedule isn’t the biggest problem though. There is a need and prayer request to anyone who can join us. There aren’t enough volunteers for this years summer program in the villages. They are short on leaders. Please pray that God opens a door for extra help, or gives them the strength and wisdom on how to do it with the team they have.

They have a VBS style program planned for the kids of 3 villages; Pobeda, Ulika and Sanboli. The kids program is developed by the local church where Pastor Slavik is leading his ministry form. It is based on the Superbook series in hopes of reaching the kids in a different way this year.

All your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

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