Aunt Nina’s House Burned Down

A tragedy hit close to home, in fact one home in particular, in one of the villages where we have been doing VBS kids camps over the years, a house burned down. Aunt Nina became a member of the local church in Pobeda when Pastor Slavik started ministering there.

She had been living alone in her small but cozy and always welcoming home since the passing of her husband years ago. Last week her house caught fire, we know it wasn’t from the inside, but exactly how, we don’t know. She wasn’t home when the fire started so its tough to tell for sure. As you can tell by the pictures, the house burned to the ground. They were only able to retrieve her documents before it became too dangerous to try to go back for anything else. As of now, she’s staying with her daughter, until they figure out the next steps that are necessary to take. She lost literally everything. She’ll need clothes, some sort of furniture, dishware, and you can imagine how much of everything else. Please pray for her situation and help her out if you can. All money raised will go directly to Aunt Nina.

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