Ashenbrener House

Hey Everyone,
So we got this letter form our missionary friends in Kazakhstan. This family of 6, Sergei and Liubov, along with their 4 kids, one of which is adopted, have been serving the Lord in the village of Pastovka there in Kazakhstan for the past 14 years. They need our help..

Greetings brothers and sisters,
We are a missionary family of with four kids. We are serving the Lord under a local churches partial support. The money we receive usually isn’t enough. For the past 14 years, we’ve been living at the local church in Temirtau. There wasn’t much room there, and the bigger our family grew the tighter the space got. This past fall God has blessed us with a house, it’s bigger but needs work.
Our family needs your help, to be more exact, we need help in remodeling this house we now live in. One problem is the slate is rotten, there are leaks in the roofing. The ceilings in every room are sagging from the moisture, and when it’s raining they’re wet and leaking. Also, the old wooden windows aren’t holding up, because the wood has rotten through. These are the two main things needing fixing right now.
With the minimal support we receive, it is hard to accomplish anything like this, but as you can see, the situation isn’t pretty. If you can help us in any way, we’d greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions you can ask, and we’ll answer.

Ashenbrener Family
Sergei and Liubov

We reached out to Sergei and asked what their needs were, and here’s what we have:

The roof of the house is 150 sq.m. Total cost of new slate roofing is 300,000tg = $906
There are 7 rotten windows that need replacing, Total cost is 200,000tg = $604
Heating unit needs fixing and we need to replace some plumbing, Total cost is 50,000tg = $151
To replace the ceilings in 4 rooms we need 44,000tg = $132
Front door needs replacing, New front door is 40,000tg = $120

Total cost is $1913

We already have some materials, but this list is what is still needed.
Also a few things like sewage, and fixing up the bathroom, we didn’t write these things in, because there are people here who already agreed to help with that.

Of course they’re quoting us prices for the cheapest stuff they can find. We’re also sure that they would be glad to do a few other things to that house. So we’re proposing to collect $5000 within the next 2 months for this family. $3000 for the materials needed to fix up their house, and $2000 for their family needs.

If you notice, they also never quoted us for labor. Sergei is planning on doing all this himself, maybe with the help of a local friend or two. But how awesome would it be if we could get a team of 4-8 men to go on this Mission Trip? Maybe this is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time now, just never heard of an opportunity like this. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip, but you don’t know how to preach or witness, you’d rather go help a missionary fix up his house. Friend this is your chance to serve the Lord and help your fellow brother. Contact us if you feel the Lord is calling you to do something about this by personally going. If not, you can DONATE for this cause. Be sure to put a note in your donation saying “Ashenbrener House” for your donation to go towards this particular need.

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