O4C Transitional Home Dream

About the time O4C was founded as an official 501(c)3, the founders had an idea of creating what we called a Transitional Home in Khabarovsk, Russia. Knowing the statistics on orphans in Russia, the idea was to help the teens coming out of the orphanages with housing, counseling, trade skill, personal financial management skill, and spiritual guidance.

How this would work. We would need a couple or family willing to be the hosts and spiritual counselors for these teens. This couple or family would live with the teens and they all would become a family. We would also need individuals willing to help with counseling, teaching practical life skills, teaching trade skill, and helping these orphans get what they are entitled to from the Russian government.

The options we have thought about so far are either an apartment or we can buy land and build little mobile homes. There are several issues with either one of those, but the better one so far is the idea with land and mobile homes.

Financial needs for this project would include money for the apartment or land and mobile homes, depending on which route we’ll be taking when the time comes to fulfill the dream. Also, we’re going to need furniture, household items, clothing, and random supplies for the start-up; but also food for the orphans and staff and some sort of salary or compensation to the staff members. As you can see, it’s all adding up. We need your help to make this dream a reality.

To fulfill this dream, we need to have someone there, in Khabarovsk, who can take up this ministry and responsibility. Missionary Pastor Slavik Mayboroda might be able to do this, all depends on the documents they’ve filled for a 3-5 year stay in Russia. If they go through, we can start this year, if not, we’ll have to wait for the next opportunity.

Please pray about this potential ministry of O4C.

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