Family Loses Dad

Left without a husband, father, provider, and leader is a family of six in Moldova; mother and five children. Their father passed away earlier this year from a blood clot that resulted in a heart failure. We are doing what we can to help this family in their time of need. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of financial flexibility, but we did send them $200 and two 50lb bags of clothing, shoes, jackets, hair care products, and other items that they need.

The family is Christian; they came to know the Lord about 5 years ago. The oldest daughter Maria is now a helper in the children’s ministry at their church.

If you can, and would like to help them in any way, please let us know, or donate right from our website.

The moms name is Nadya(Hope), and the names and ages of the children are: Maria – 17, Sasha(Alex) – 15, Vanya(Ivan) – 13, Nikolay(Nick) – 11, and Nadya(Hope) – 7.

Mom’s Response For The Help

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, may God reward you for your good deeds. Thanks for the support! If not for our fellow Christians, I do not know how we’d get through this. Without my husband the house is so empty. It’s like half of me is gone with him and the other half remained with the children. I just thank God that my husband is written in the book of life in heaven. It is hard to wait such a long time until I meet him but thank God that there is hope. And thank you for everything again. Please pray for my children.

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