Dear friends,

We just wanted to share a message we received from Sergei Ashenbrener in Kazakhstan. This is the missionary whose house needed major repair, and over the last few months, we’ve been collecting for this project. We’ve been keeping in touch with him, and out of the money we were able to raise, we sent him $1000 last week to get started on the leaking roof. He sent us a voice message in Russian, that we wish you all could hear, but most of you won’t understand it.  So here is what he said.. (more…)

“Be not afraid, only believe”

                     -Mark 5:36

We often have goals, which we set out for ourselves, goals we wish to achieve and goals we wish to conquer. We can pray, plan, and wish all our lives, and once it becomes a reality, we have no choice, but to make a decision. A decision, whether we embrace it and believe that God will guide us, or avoid it because we let fear overcomes us. (more…)


I thank God for the opportunity he has provided for me to go on a missionary trip to Kharabovsk. I had a Blast not only meeting new kids, families, and orphans but also being involved in a nativity play. Bringing a smile, a little joy, and God’s love, I was amazed how doing something so little, it means a whole world (more…)