Egor Krasheninnikov was born in 1996 together with his sister Galya. They are twins. Galya is 15 minutes older. There are three children in the family. There is an older brother, Kolya, born in 1995.
When they were still children, mom and dad parted ways. Some time later, in 2015, their dad drowned in the Kur River, near the village of Pobeda, under unknown circumstances.
In September 2016, during a family quarrel, his stepfather, who was drunk, stabbed Egor in the stomach. Egor lost a lot of blood. He was taken to Khabarovsk by helicopter. Several operations were performed. The last one was in May 2017. As a result, he was left with a colostomy.
A few years ago we had one of our summer camps in the village of Pobeda. Egor came to the camp and so we got to know each other better. After a while, we learned about what had happened to him earlier. When we asked if he was planning to undergo an operation to remove the colostomy, he said that he was afraid of the consequences, because the last operation was very unsuccessful and with dire consequences.
But the main thing is that he began to read the Gospel and attend church services. In 2020, he received holy water baptism. After a while, in a conversation, he said that he agrees to do the operation to remove the colostomy. In November, we started the preparation process. As a result, the operation is scheduled for June 16. Egor has now undergone a preoperative examination. On June 14th we should get the result.
We ask you to pray for him. As of now, he is the only Christian among his relatives.
If God puts it on your heart, you can take part in his surgery financially. You can donate right here on our website, just add “Egors Surgery” in the memo.